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Summer Bucketlist

May 31, 2012

1. Make Homemade lemonade

2. Buy a coconut and then consume it

3. Have a barbecue

4. Have a wine and cheese tasting party

5. Go to a Farmer’s Market

6. Hike to the top of the Peak

7. Go on a picnic

8. Go to the zoo. Preferably with a small child, in a non-pedophile type way.

9. Take a yoga class

10. Get a pedicure

11. Read 50 books before September 1st

12. Watch the sunrise with a friend

13. Paint something

14. Write in my journal EVERY NIGHT

15. Post in my blog at least 2x a week

16. Have a late night IHOP date with my bestie

17. Learn to speak with a French or British accent

18. Sew a dress, all on my own

19. Write 70 letters ‘just because’

20. Run 5k without stopping once to rest

21. Say yes to everything I’m asked to do for an entire day

22. One word: S’mores

23. Smoke a cigar with my bestie at sunset

24. Paint with sidewalk chalk with my nieces

25. Have a Matt Damon movie fest with ice cream and bagel bites

26. Go to the library

27. Go blonde! (or rather, almost blonde)

28. Go running in the Rio Grande bosque

29. Plant something

30. Paint your own flower pot

31. Clean out the closet (eek!). Have no mercy for sentimental and useless items.

32. Swear off caffeine, sugar, artificial sweeteners, and white flour for a whole month

33. Go camping

34. Take at least one photo every single day for June and July

35. Have a fondue dinner

35. Write down 5 things I’m grateful for every day for June and July


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